Models V/S Mannequins: Which Is The Better Option For Your eCommerce Store

The only drawback of an eCommerce store is that it can’t show its products physically to its customers at the time of purchase. This drawback makes it critical for eCommerce business owners to provide the best quality product images that resemble the product to its closest.


Product images are an essential part of online shopping as it highly influences the buyers’ decisions. As per SeattleWebDesign, 75% of the shoppers depend on the product images to make a final buying decision.

Therefore, it’s very important that the products, especially the fashion apparel, are clicked in such a form that can attract and convince the customers. This is why most online fashion stores struggle to choose between models and fashion mannequins to display their products.

Many big brands would simply suffice this turmoil by choosing both options. But, it may not that be that easy for a startup or a small eCommerce business owner. Models come expensive as they charge a lot of money for a single photo shoot, but the results are powerful. On the other hand, using a mannequin could be cheap but may not bring as good results.

Then, how do you decide what would be a better option between the two? Stay engaged to find out what parameters can help decide between models v/s mannequins, how to choose the model for your products, and what kind of mannequins would work the best for you.

Choosing Between Models v/s Mannequins

1. Test your Options

Rather than researching too much and asking everyone’s opinion, it is far better to find out what works best for your eCommerce business. You may post your trending products worn by a fashion mannequin and wait for at least 1 month to get the results. After this month, I prefer you to hire a model and leave your product images on your website for another month.

Once this procedure is completed, you may compare and find out which images did well. If it was the models that got more sales, then you have your answer right in front of you.

It is also important that you compare similar products. If you compare your winter products with summer, then the results can’t be considered as authentic. Also, do remember that there is a difference between traffic and potential sales.

Your model may bring in more traffic, but if it’s the fashion mannequin that’s bringing in more sales, then do consider that option to be the best for you.

2. Type of Audience

Define who is your target audience. Here, if you deal with the products that are mostly bought by people between the age group of 40 to 60, then using a fashion mannequin may just work well for you.

But, if your target is the people between the age group of 20 to 35, then models may be a better option for you. It is because this age group is more open to something that can attract them at first sight. Millennials are big fans of social media and they want images that mirror real-life situations.

The generation today even recommends a 360° view of the product. You can even make this possible WITHOUT ANY MODEL OR FASHION MANNEQUIN in your product image. How?

This magic can be done by any editing professional using the 3D Ghost Mannequin technique. With this, your shoppers can easily take a look at how your product looks from the inside along with the outside.

3. Nature of your Product

In order to decide whether to hire a model or use a fashion mannequin, you first need to check what your product demands. Does it demand to be hanged and draped or worn?

Let’s say if you mostly deal in unstitched or uni-size materials or the heavy gowns that need to be spread and draped for a detailed look, then using a fashion mannequin would be a much better option.

However, if you deal with products that are ready-made and are available in different sizes, then hiring a model can give better results. The nature of the articles is always different. Some are the kind that looks best when simply hung on perfect sized models, where some look more impactful when worn by a real person.

4. Compare with your Competitors

Compare with your Competitors
Compare with your Competitors

Another metric that you can utilize is comparing with your eCommerce competitors. Look out for what they are using. And, is it bringing them good results? If you see that your competitors are using models and are gaining sales, then you may give it a shot too.

This method is a lot easier and quicker as compared to the points mentioned above. But, what works for others may not work for you. Hence, trying every metric for yourself and analyzing what’s best for you is the only great way to find out whether models are better or fashion mannequins.

Choosing The Right Model For Your eCommerce Store

Right Model for eCommerce Store
Right Model for eCommerce Store

Here are a few tips that can help you hire a model for your product images:

  • If your budget allows, do hire someone with experience. But if you can’t afford to have a professional, then you may look out for many emerging models who are looking for work in order to gain experience and create their portfolio.
  • Ask your friend who can model for your products. Just make sure that while working with amateurs, your other set up for photoshoots, like your camera and background setting is perfect.
  • A model with no experience in an unprofessional set up can bring your sales down.
  • Do not get satisfied with a few poses. Experiment with different angles and various poses. Once the shoot is completed, you can segregate the best ones out.
  • Make sure that you have professional makeup artists to dress up your models. A cheap makeup look can again highly devastate the whole look of your model as well as the product.
  • Do not follow the ‘traditional model’ concept with someone who has perfect hair, perfect smile, and perfect body. Because you may want your product to look dream-like, but your shoppers come in all shapes and sizes, and that’s what they want to see. Your shoppers would be more satisfied if they can see someone who resembles them.

Choosing The Right Mannequin For Your eCommerce Store

If you’re using fashion mannequins then your priority is much towards the appearance of your clothes. Using a mannequin gives you the ability to showcase your products in the best ways possible where they can look gorgeous and appealing.

A mannequin won’t change poses which allows the buyers to just focus on the product and not the overall look. You can use various accessories to compliment your products more.

Although, there are a few tips that you can make use of while photographing mannequins:

  • Choose the correct skin complexion for your fashion mannequin. As your aim here is to flaunt your product, you need to make sure that the skin of the mannequin is best to compliment your product
  • For example, if you are shooting a white summer dress, then a bright white-colored mannequin won’t be able to pull off the look as much as the dark-colored one.
  • Use the headless fashion mannequins for the products that are made only for the body. The mannequins with hair and fake makeup can distract the shoppers and even may degrade the look of your product if the hairstyle is not flattering.
  • In the contrast to the above point, use only the head of the fashion mannequin if the products are like hats or goggles. The body again with the unwanted dress, etc can deteriorate the look of your products.
  • As mannequins don’t give the complete idea of how great the product can look on an actual person, make sure that you cover the rest of the areas well so that the shoppers can be enticed to make a purchase.
  • Keep your description content engaging, precise, and powerful.
  • Take close up shots to reveal details and give the idea about the quality of the fabric.
  • Click the photos at an appropriate angle and distance to provide the complete and attractive look of the product.


Where models can give an actual idea of how the products will actually look in real-life, fashion mannequins are best to flaunt the products in the best way possible.

Consumers are more attracted when a model is there, displaying the products. But, it depends on many factors mentioned above to decide which option can be the most suitable for your business.

No matter whether you choose a fashion mannequin or a model to shoot your products, you may make use of the above-mentioned tips while choosing the one for your eCommerce business. After reading this beautiful article we highly recommended to read this article how to get ghost mannequin photography for clothing

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